came out as poly
in 2010, after over six years of exercising numerous kinds of
honest non-monogamy
between ill-advised stints of monogamy i might say yes to whenever I had been swooning with brand-new relationship electricity. Since that time, I’ve been better about keeping true to my self (at the very least regarding poly), and it’s really paid back — I actually have three wonderful, strong interactions. I’m available about becoming poly in the same way that i have for ages been open about getting queer: in the event it arises naturally, I communicate, or even, I do not.

Because we are now living in a tradition where pointing out your partner in small-talk is the norm, referring right up generally. Frequently as soon as i have pointed out a « boyfriend » and a « girlfriend » on exact same person, they’ll look confused or simply downright ask, and I usually offer a straightforward and short description that I’m poly and then have several lasting lovers. Together with the « huh?! » check I get from a lot of folk, the concerns they ask as well as the reactions they usually have show some fairly bizarre tactics about poly couples.

Most of the urban myths about poly lovers are grounded on
urban myths about polyamory
itself — particularly that
its everything about the sex
and this
polyamory is actually unnatural
— but there are many added fables encompassing couplehood that do not arise for solo poly people. Some urban myths tend to be truly damaging, as well as others are simply just annoying, but knowing the reality behind them is important
no matter whether you are mono or poly
. But 1st, have a look at most recent episode of Bustle’s gender and relationships podcast « i would like It That Way »:

Myth no. 1: Whether Or Not It’s An M/F Few, It Was The Person That Forced For An Open Relationship

Because we’re trained to genuinely believe that males usually wish intercourse and therefore women aren’t down for sweaty fun — and since people associate « poly » with « intercourse » — men and women instantly believe that the male is always those to push for an unbarred commitment whether it’s man-woman couple. Looks like however,
women are doubly most likely as men
to suggest an unbarred commitment, which squares with my knowledge: I’ve long been the person to insist upon it.

Myth # 2: If You’ll Find A Number Of Couples, There Was A « Genuine » One

Despite the fact that I am element of three various « few » preparations, alone that people address just like the « real » one is my personal relationship using my male spouse. A lot of this goes back to heteronormativity, and proven fact that lesbians can’t have « real » intercourse, and it is partly because we eventually live together. For poly partners, their connections are real — no matter what just who they live with or whatever they’re packin’ downstairs.

Myth # 3: We Ought To Be Unicorn Hunters

Since I have started managing certainly one of my partners, the ceaseless assumption is that
the guy and I also tend to be unicorn looking
— that will be, looking for a  »
hot bi hottie
 » to « complete » our « family. » Blech, no many thanks. Although this specially plagues straight partners, a lot of queer poly couples face this myth, too. It’s a good idea precisely why — significant partners undergo a unicorn looking phase
when they initially start
— but the majority seasoned poly people know better.

Myth no. 4: Having A Nesting Lover Suggests You Practice Hierarchical Poly

Because we accept one of my lovers, people instantly think that
he is my personal major spouse
— this is certainly, that we hold him and the commitment above other individuals, consequently, necessarily, that any kind of my
various other relationships are going to be « second. »
Additional lovers in many cases are put in the position of having their own emotions and requirements disregarded or considered irrelevant, while having little power over the situation. Though some poly lovers carry out practice hierarchical poly, lots of all of us don’t, and think about our connections equal in importance. It’d be great to
see OkCupid acknowledge that
, as well.

Myth # 5: We « Show » Our Partners

First of all: men and women are perhaps not things is discussed. Stage. But in addition, no. Not everybody who’s poly is actually bi, and my lovers and that I have fairly various style in men and women, typically. Often there’s some overlap, because poly communities are rather little, and quite often, as soon as the performers amazingly align, a triad circumstance also happens — but discussing


in our partners? Nothing for many poly folk, except the unicorn-hunting types.

Myth # 6: We Have Beenn’t Serious/Committed to one another

Appear, my personal nesting lover and that I has been with each other for five many years come Halloween, my personal girlfriend and I also are collectively over six many years, and my other sweetheart and I also being together about two. There is varying levels of entanglement, but i have mentioned cross-country movements with a couple of them in preparation for grad class. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what’s. Poly men and women are the same as mono folks in that value: some wish marriage and babies (
or already have them
), some prefer the bar scene and informal flings.

Myth no. 7: It Is Simply A Phase

Some parents tend to be particularly fond of the concept that poly couples increases from it and settle down 1 day, or that the youngster will change their head if they meet up with the « right person. » In Person, I


came across ideal person — absolutely merely one or more of them — and I also’ve never ever had any purposes of « settling straight down, » anyway. But
an abundance of poly people settle-down
, cohabitate,
have actually households, and stay poly
for all the long haul.

Myth #8: We’re Wanting To Upgrade Each Other

Obviously the only explanation anybody would agree to be poly is when they aren’t happy collectively anymore, and they are attempting to painlessly and effortlessly move on to another commitment, right? While that really does take place, i could state with certainty that I am able to never think about attempting to change any of my partners — element of getting poly is actually recognizing that individuals are not similar.

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