The first shows the new mother cradling her daughter alongside Powell as they both gaze down at the newborn. A second shows a sage green onesie with a koala on it and the name of her family’s Australia Zoo. A world famous conservationist, Steve died on September 4, 2006, at the age of 44 after being pierced in the chest by a stingray while filming a documentary in Batt Reef, Queensland. On the third day, Steve headed for the site only to discover that the trap was completely submerged under water.

He was positioned at the front of the boat with the spotlight while his father was operating the outboard motor. As they got close, Steve fixed his gaze on the eyes of what he thought was a small croc. The he pounced out of the boat and into the water, grabbing it by the neck. It was, in fact about the same size as him – and quite a bit stronger. Recovering quickly, Steve took over the job of holding down the croc, a huge smile on his face – it was the proudest moment of his life so far. Born in Oregon, she began working for an independent animal rehabilitation center for injured predator mammals at the age of 22 while working for her family’s trucking business.

How did Steve Irwin and Terri first meet?

They added the couple have spoken about tying the knot in a ‘small and intimate’ wedding in late 2018. These days, Terri holds dual citizenship — she became a naturalized Australian citizen in 2009 — and has remained the sole owner of the Australia Zoo since Steve’s tragic death in 2006. It was in 1991 when Terri went on a tour of Australia and ended up meeting her future husband, Steve Irwin at the Beerwah Reptile Park, which was later renamed to Australia Zoo. Let’s take a closer look at where she grew up, as well as how she first met Steve. The late Steve Irwin’s wife — and the mom of Robert and Bindi — isn’t originally from Australia. « One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name, » Terri, 59, captioned the portrait.

On September 4th, 2006, he was filming off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for a documentary to be called Ocean’s Deadliest. The weather had been bad for three days, so Steve had been sitting around with little to do but wait for the weather to improve. Today he decided to a do a bit of snorkeling in the shallow waters which could be filmed for his daughter Bindi’s new TV show. Seeing a large blue Bull Stingray, he came over top of it in order to film it as it swam away.

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The brother and sister duo posted touching Instagram tributes to their dad to mark the international event on Nov. 15, commemorating the adored Animal Planet star. « I had a big, big love and it was enough to last a lifetime. » Irwin’s TV series fame led to more television and even some movie work.

Terri and Steve first met back in 1991, when Terri stopped by a small reptile park in Australia where Steve had been working as a zookeeper at the time. November of 2003 found Steve filming a documentary off the coast of Baja California Peninsula in Mexico about sea lions. A report came through the boat’s radio that a pair of scuba divers were missing in the area. Steve immediately shut down filming and he and his team joined the search. The next day, members of his crew found one of the divers clinging to a rocky cliff edge. Steve and another rescuer brought the man back to their boat.

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He was a wildlife innovator who was at the cutting edge of animal husbandry. With the Wildlife Park established with a good supply of smaller reptiles and animals, Bob decided it was time to add a couple of crocodiles. He took nine year old Steve with him on his first crocodile hunt. As expected, the boy was extremely active and it was all his dad could do to keep him in the boat. When a croc was sighted, Steve would want to be the first one to grab it.

She was drawn to the crocodile demonstration and the fast talking Aussie who was in with the deadly creatures. Some of them were kept at the Reptile Park while the majority were released into the wild. In 1991, Bob and Lyn decided that Steve had come of age and was ready to take full control of the park. Steve’s goal was to make his parents proud and he knew he would do it by turning the park into the greatest wildlife facilities on the face of the earth.

Terri Irwin Tearfully Admits She’s Never Gotten Over the Grief of Husband Steve’s Death

Steve now grabbed whatever he could – branches, ropes, mud and threw it on top of the violently thrashing crocodile. The ideal thing would have been to blindfold the animal, is immediate edge a scam but that was out of the question. Steve then jumped into the boat and onto the back of the croc. He threw more netting over the beast, trying to cover its eyes.

Showing compassion for others, even without knowing what they are going through, is so important. Continuing her conversation with The Courier Mail, Terri explained that she is alright with being on her own and is « too busy » to find new love anyway.


A representative for Terri told Daily Mail Australia on Monday, that she and Russell are just friends. « Dad used to drive a heavy-haul truck (among many other jobs), and he would bring home wildlife that he found injured or orphaned on Oregon’s highways, » she told Eugene Magazine. It was actually Terri’s father who first got her interested in helping and rehabilitating wild animals, just maybe not in the way you might expect. She revealed her daughter’s name as Grace Warrior Irwin Powell.

In the late 90’s he also discovered a new species of sea turtle and was at the forefront of a campaign against animal poaching. He also funded large nature reserves not just in Australia, but also in Fiji, Vanuatu and the United States. The Crocodile Hunter series allowed Steve to take his conservation message to the world. He viewed it as his life’s mission to work tirelessly to save the world’s endangered species.

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